Welcome to Band!

clarinet on notes

Welcome to band! Band runs from grade 6-8 at Senator Riley Middle School. In band we will be focusing on making, creating, valuing, and listening to music in a variety of settings. Band is a group activity, and just like other group activities, we perform as a team  and depend on everyone working together to make it successful!

The Music Corner

This website was created as a way to help enhance, celebrate student learning throughout the year and provide students and parents with helpful information.  This website will include video, handouts, updates on upcoming performances, celebrations of knowledge, tasks and other helpful resources. Please have a look around the website! Information is updated regularly so be sure to check back.

News and Updates

February 12-14, 2020- Grade 7 Band Camp

February 26-28, 2020- Grade 8 Band Camp



Band at Senator Riley

Video coming soon!